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Check this page regularly for announcements and updates as we continue to make plans for Conference. I'll be posting notices that something has been added to a specific page of the website, a deadline is coming or an announcement has been made. 

Melanie Ridlon, Director of Training & Events

4/1/2010 - The Opening Plenary and Banquet videos are now available on the conference highlights page.  Relive those special moments today!

3/19/2010 - The Post-Conference survey for facilitators and students who were registered for the EAST Conference is now avaible. The link to this survey is at the very bottom of your "My Planner" page.  Please take some time to provide detailed feedback before April 9th.  Your input and suggestions help us make the conference better each year. Thank you!

3/19/2010 - Logo Competition Guidelines are listed on the next year tab of this website.  The deadline for submissions is May 10, 2010.

3/11/2010 - 2010 Conference Highlights are posted! Click on Newsroom in main menu, then look for link in left-hand column. Be sure to check out the Conference Highlights Video! It’s awesome! Thanks to the Documentation Team video squad and editor George Hudson.

Thanks also to the Photography team for the great shots of all aspects of Conference. They really tell the story! See the Photo Gallery.

Last but not least, thank you to the Virtual Reality team, whose virtual tour of Conference will be posted soon. Great job everyone!

2/26/2010 - Final reminders were just posted on the forums to help you with those last minute details.  I'll be checking my email all weekend so please contact me if you need anything as you are finalizing your plans. Looking forward to seeing you all next week.

2/26/2010 - I just posted some details about the Awards Banquet regarding seating and meals on our forums (too long to post here).  Here is a direct link.  Thank you.

2/26/2010 - CAST is hosting a Geocache Hunt starting Wednesday morning till the cache's run out. Please go to CAST Conference Booth to receive your GPS coordinates and further details. Bring your Juno GPS units to participate.

2/25/2010 - The alumni competition student teams have been announced. Individual students and their facilitators will receive an email with the final details for this competition. Congratulations!

2/24/2010 - Image Release Forms TRUE/FALSE Questions - I'm getting questions about the image release forms. See my blog post dated 2/20. We removed forms that were not complete, not legible, and documents that were not the actual image release form.  Thanks.

2/23/2010 - Tomorrow is a big day. The last set of deadlines for the conference, yipee!!  The PIA presentation upload will allow you to upload it in either Office 2003 or 2007 format now.  When your file is uploaded you will see the name of your file as a link.  Also remember to have participants from your school registered for breakout sessions by tomorrow evening to meet that deadline. Thanks for all you are doing to prepare for next weeks event. We can't wait to see EAST in action. 

2/20/2010 - The Program Impact Assessment judging schedule has been slightly adjusted.  You would have received an email from me if your time was adjusted.

2/20/2010 - Facilitators, this last week we reviewed all image release forms that were uploaded by our EAST schools to verify they were the correct signed form. Any incorrect forms were removed. The true/false details listed on your school roster now reflect the correct information that we have on file for you. If there is a false by a name on your roster, please bring a copy of their signed form with you to conference if they can be photographed and captured on video. Thank you.

2/17/2010 - Complimentary luggage storage will be provided on Thursday, March 4.  This will be available outside of the exhibit hall on the far side by the Embassy Suites. This service will be monitored by the staff at the Embassy Suites. 

2/15/2010 - We have updated our EAST gear flyer with new items and prices for the 2010 conference.  We will have these items on display at conference and available for purchase beginning Wednesday, March 3 at 9am through the closing session on Thursday, March 4.  Please let your students know what is available so they can come prepared to sport their new EAST gear. The new information has been added to the home page of and you can also access the link directly -

2/15/2010 - Registration for the EAST conference is now closed.  The number of participants attending from your school is important for EAST’s planning purposes. If you must change your team roster, there is no need to notify us but be sure to bring correct name tags. We will correct your roster during registration on Tuesday, March 2. If your number of attendees changes (i.e. you registered 8 students but will only be bringing 7), please notify us as soon as possible.  

2/15/2010- - Due to the recent snow storms we are extending the application deadline for the Alumni LIVE Video Competition. The new application deadline is this Friday, February 19.  More details and the application form can be found on the competition’s webpage .  Please encourage your students to consider applying.  The Alumni are excited to host this new opportunity to showcase students’ skills and creativity!

2/14/2010 - Interested in watching the excitement of the EAST conference as students and EAST programs are recognized at the Opening Plenary or Awards Banquet?  Set up a watch party! EAST will be streaming these two evening sessions LIVE.  We also hope to have live footage of the exhibit hall floor on Wednesday and Thursday when the exhibit hall is open for exhibits.  Links have been provided on the Watch Party page.

2/12/2010 - We are collecting finalist and winner information from our competition hosts.  Check out the status of the Application Showcase Competitions.  

2/10/2010 - Facilitators, you can now view your school's breakout session schedule by clicking the link at the bottom of your "My Planner" page.  Also, don't forget abou the two Tuesday Night opportunities; Alumni hosted "live" video competition and the Mid-America Science Museum. 

2/9/2010 - Many of you have been emailing about the deadlines this week and the conflict of being out of school due to inclement weather.  Our delima is that we have very little room for flexibility as the conference is fast approaching.  Here is what we can do.  Registration will remain open until Friday, February 12 for you to finalize your student registration and upload their image release forms. You can also add banquet guests through Friday. The trick is that the payment deadline (Feb 12) for these banquet guests cannot be extended. Final headcounts and the seating plan must be completed at the beginning of next week.  Please make sure we have your payments in by Friday.  Now we have a little more flexibility with the Project Upload so we will extend that deadline until Friday, February 19.  I hope this helps. 

2/8/2010 - This week registration for your school participants and banquet guests are due.  Payment must be received by February 12 for your extra banquet guests or the reserved tickets will be cancelled (no exceptions).  You are down to your last two PIA pre-conference activities.  Upload 5 projects by this Wednesday (Feb 10) and then your presentations by February 24. 

2/8/2010 - Breakout session registration is now available.

2/5/2010 - The tentative Program Impact Assessment judging schedule has been announced.  It is small so you might need to zoom in.  Remember your time might adjust slightly.  Before registering for breakout sessions, it is important your presenting students avoid registering for sessions an hour before your scheduled judging time to an hour after your scheduled judging time.  This will ensure they are in your booth when the judges arrive.  I also added details about the curfew on the travel and transportation page and provided an updated alumni competition application.  If you have already submitted your application don't worry, you will not have to complete a second application.

2/5/2010 - Breakout session registration will go live Monday morning, February 8.  Until then, review the registration guidelines and check out the sessions available this year by clicking the link at the bottom of your "My Planner" page.  There may be a few additional sessions added to the schedule over the next two weeks so check the schedule again.

2/5/2010 - We have many things to announce today.  First, Founder's Award finalists have been announced. Congratulations to the nine schools listed here.  Individual emails will be sent to each school soon and winners will be announced during the Award's Banquet on March 3.  Next, the 2010 floor plan and tentative booth assignments have been posted online. 

Coming soon are the Program Impact Assessment judging schedule and breakout sessions. Thanks!!

2/2/2010 - Can you believe it is February?  We are one month away from our event and we couldn't be more excited.  Remember there are some major deadlines coming up. 

1.  PIA Online Submission - due tomorrow, February 3.  This document will be printed and mailed to your assessment team.  The information you provide will allow them to begin familiarizing themselves with your program.  You don't want to miss this deadline.

2.  Conference registration drop deadline - Friday, February 5.  This is the last day to drop the conference in order to avoid a penalty. 

3.  Guest Banquet Ticket Orders - Due Monday, February 8.  Payment is due February 12.  Tickets not paid for by that date will be cancelled, no exceptions (we made exceptions last year and are still collecting payment). 

4.  Project Upload - Due February 10.  Upload your top 5 projects by this date to receive credit for this portion of the PIA pre-conference activities. I know many of you think this is just one more thing to have to complete for conference. I promise you the end result (a huge project datebase meant for collaboration and project ideas) will be worth the effort.

1/29/2010 - The majority of the EAST schools attending this event completed their registration by the deadline this week.  However, there are a several schools that need to add students and upload signed image release forms.  We have opened registration again through February 8 for you to finalize your student or chaperone registration and to upload any last minute image release forms.  However we must order shirts February 3 so your promptness in completing this request is appreciated. Remember, signed forms not uploaded by February 8th and your chaperone's form should be brought with you and turned in during registration. Thanks!

1/28/2010 - ***NEW OPPORTUNITY*** - The EAST Alumni are hosting a "live" video competition on Tuesday, March 2 where students will work together to create a 30 or 60 second commercial focusing on Education is Different Here.  More details can be found on the "Live" Video Competition page under EAST Attendees.

1/27/2010 - Conference Registration: Facilitators and Students must login and access their my planner page.  Here you will select your t-shirt size and upload your image release form.To expedite the registration process today, facilitators and students can choose to opt out of the image release form and upload the form later. After you make your t-shirt and image release form selections, click register.  You are now registered for conference! We will open registration again in a few days so that any image release forms or student updates can be made. If you cannot remember your password, see the forgot my password page.  If you cannot login or are receiving an error during registration, contact

1/26/2010 - We added a link for you to begin adding your Program Impact Assessment Power Point Presentations due by February 24.  As a reminder this is the final component of your pre-conference activities.  We are also excited to announce the the Mid-America Science Museum has offered to open their doors for EAST participants on Tuesday, March 2.  To learn more about this opportunity, click here or view the Mid-America Science Museum link under EAST Attendees.

1/25/2010 - Deadlines this Wednesday, January 27 include music submissions and student registration.  As a reminder, students register by logging into this website and viewing the My Planner page.  Students should upload their signed image release form upon registration.

1/25/2010 - Announcing the 2010 Poster Competition finalists

1/21/2010 - Minor adjustments were made to the booth rubric today specifically to the #1.  The updated rubric has been updated on the website.

1/19/2010 - Don't wait until the last minute to send in your competition submissions. Tomorrow is the deadline for all Application Showcase competitions (remember the PPT slide requirement) and Founder's Award.  If you have placed music on our FTP server, be sure you also send in your email notification to  We have several files on the FTP server that have not been claimed. If you see your file out there send your email so that we can approve your submission.  Thanks!!

1/15/2010 - The Application Showcase Competition deadline is next Wednesday, January 20. Please take another look at the applications before submitting to be sure you are following the instructions.  We added submission instructions today for both the UALR Website Competition (how to share your website) and the Audubon Talking Trash competition (mail DVD to EAST office).  Please contact us with questions.

1/14/2010 - If you are on top of your PIA Pre-Conference activities you are aware that there is a project upload section that you have been unable to begin.  That changes today!  The new project upload section of our website is now available.  Use the project upload to meet the Program Impact Assessment Pre-Conference Activities requirement. Each program should upload at least 5 projects by February 10 to receive credit. More details have been posted on the PIA Pre-Conference Activity page. 

1/11/2010 - Today is the big day...the announcement of our leadership team members.  See if you made the team by visiting these pages; Ambassador Team Members, Documentation Team Members and Technical Support Team Members.  An email with more details about the team member responsibilities will be sent to the students on each team and their facilitators later today.   

1/7/2010 - Don't forget about the upcoming deadline (January 20) for the 14 Application Showcase competitions. Several of the competition hosts have been contacting me this week eager to hear how many submissions they have already received.  They are getting excited about seeing the amazing work created by EAST students. 

1/6/2010 - Happy New Year! I hope that you are just as excited as I am that conference is just two months away.  You can now begin responding to the questions on the PIA Online Submission.  This is very important not only because the last edited by date will help us determine your banquet seating section but more importantly we will provide this document to your judging team weeks before the event. This will help your judging team get to know your program before meeting your presenting students on March 3.  Your online submission must be completed by February 3.  

As a reminder, the deadline for both the Poster Competition and Founder's Award submission is next week, January 13th.

And finally, during our transition to a new forum system, please watch for conference news primarily here on the announcement blog.  I may also direct you to the forums for larger announcement if needed.  In these last few months I recommend you check this page regularly to stay on top of your planning and to contact us if you need anything as we gear up for one of our favorite events of the year. 

12/21/2009 - ***Documentation Team Photographer & VR Producer*** - We would like to extend the deadline for both the photographer and virtual reality producer positions for the documentation team. If you are interested in these positions, please submit the required details by January 6th. Thanks!! 

12/16/2009 -  ***EAST is seeking a skilled student to create a short animation of the conference logo.  We have a concept but need a creative student animator.  If you are interested and can devote the time it takes to create what we are looking for (the project must be complete by mid-February )we want to hear from you.  Please email me directly with your name, school name, and email address along with your facilitator name and email address.  Also include examples (more than 1) of projects you have animated as either an attachment or link.  I would like to hear about the length of time it took you to complete, what program you use, and your availability for a phone call.  We are accepting emails for this position extended through January 6th.***

12/16/2009 - Ambassador, Documentation, and Technical Support leadership team submissions due today. Thanks!

12/14/2009 - The holiday is fast approaching.  Please get some rest and relax before heading into the very busy January and February where will will begin gearing up for the 2010 Conference.  I'd like to encourage you to notice the January deadlines so they do not sneak up on you.  Right off the bat your breakout session proposals are due January 6 and the Founder's Award Submission is due January 13. 

Tip: Plan to submit your deadline requirements at least 1 week in advance to avoid any unexpected technical problems or absenses that may present complications for sending in your submissions by the deadline.

12/14/2009 - I just posted details about the leadership teams on the EAST forums.  Check it out especially if you are interested in being a documentation team member.  Don't forget the deadline for all leadership team submissions is this Wednesday, December 16. 

12/9/2009 - ***Poster Competition Reminder***  Posters must be project or program focused. Include photos, maps or other graphics created for projects, and try to convey the growth, collaboration, teamwork and achievement that went into the project(s) as well as any other facets of EAST that you choose.

12/9/2009 - Picture Submission deadline today. Find details here.  Ambassador, Documentation, and Technical Support Leadership Team submissions all due next week, December 16.

12/7/2009 - ***Competition Submission Reminder*** When submitting posters or music selections to our FTP server do not forget to send the required email to  Without the email we can't identify who the submission came from.  If you have not received an email back from us confirming your entry, chances are we never received your email. Thanks!

12/3/2009 - Two new application showcase competitions have been added (Solid Edge and a Website Design competition).  We do not anticipate adding any additional competitions to allow plenty of time for your students to prepare their submissions.  A  link to the PIA Online Submission questions has been provided for viewing purposes on your "My Planner" page.  Begin reviewing the questions in preparation of providing your summaries in January.  There are two major deadlines in December; PIA Picture Submissions due next week and all leadership team nomination letters and student submissions due December 16th.  Don't forget to stay on top of the deadlines in January as well and knock some of these requirements out early if possible.  Call or email us anytime. We are here to help you with planning for this event. Thanks!

11/18/2009 - Today is the deadline for facilitators to register.  We have also added new application showcase competitions and a conference invitation template for you to use if you choose when inviting administration, family, or community members to the conference. 

1/16/2009 - To register your school, click on the "My Planner" tab.  This is where your school registration for facilitators, chaperones, students and banquet guests will take place.  The school/facilitator registration deadline is this Wednesday, November 18th.  If you are confused about the image release form upload, specific instructions have been posted on the forums and also on the image release form page of this website.  Don't wait until the last minute and don't forget to call if you have questions.

11/11/2009 - Founder's Award Letter of Intents and PIA Facilitator Judge Nominations are due today.  Don't forget to register your school (aka the facilitator) for the conference by next week, November 18th.  Remember this will complete your first requirement for the PIA Pre-Conference Activities

11/9/2009 - New Application Showcase Competitions have been added. 

11/6/2009 - Examples of conference guidelines and team schedules have been posted on the planning resource page.

11/4/2009 - One week deadline reminders for Facilitator PIA Judge Nominations and Founder's Award Letter of Intents.  The deadline for these submissions is next Wednesday, November 11. 

11/3/2009 - Added concession stand hours on Tuesday, March 2 and details about special dietary needs for the banquet.

10/23/2009 - Conference Website and Registration Now Available 










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