Event Information

The EAST Conference is an annual gathering of over 2000 EAST students, teachers, parents, community and business leaders from more than 100 communities across America. The Conference spans 3 days and includes an exhibition hall showcasing student service projects, breakout sessions on the latest in technology, an awards banquet, and much more!

View highlights from the 2009 EAST Conference.

Public Attendance

Members of the general public are invited to visit the exhibits on Wednesday, March 3 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and on Thursday, March 4 from 9:00 AM through the closing session estimated to end at 1:30 PM.

Get Involved

The EAST Conference provides many opportunities for sponsors and exhibitors to get involved. If you would like to promote your organization and get your message out to thousands of students, educators, and technology industry professionals, we offer three ways for you to participate.

1.  Support the EAST Initiative and promote your organization through a conference sponsorship. Several sponsorship packages are available.

2.  Exhibitor booths provide the best opportunity for you to promote your college, university, or organization.  You will have access to over 2000; this is an excellent way to reach some of the smartest, technology-savvy students in our country!

3.  If your organization provides a product or service  beneficial to EAST students or schools, then consider a breakout session to bring awareness of your organization or service through a presentation and/or hands-on training. Proposals are being accepted through January 6, 2010.

Have a Question?

If at any time you have a question or need information about the Conference, contact Melanie Ridlon, Director for Training & Events for the EAST Initiative.

Melanie Ridlon
melanie@eastproject.org or events@eastproject.org

We hope to see you at the 2010 EAST Conference!


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