Student Competitions

One of our goals for the conference is to allow as much participation from students as possible. To encourage this, we host a number of student-centered competitions before and during the Conference. 

There are several benefits to entering competitions. Not only is it exciting to win and receive cool prizes, but students also gain experience and recognition from their peers. The poster competition is a good example:

  • Creating posters, using graphic design skills, can provide wall decorations for your classroom. Finalists’ entries are also displayed at the EAST Training Centers.
  • Designing and producing a poster can increase or add skills.

More benefits of competing:

  • The winning EAST Program and student receive recognition from their peers, school and even the community.
  • Entering and/or winning a competition looks good on a resumé.
  • Competing increases self-confidence.
  • Competitions can garner administration support and funding.
  • Competitions provide a positive challenge.
  • Competitions increase experience and growth.
  • Deadlines help in developing organization skills and provide “real-world” experience.
  • Winning can bring recognition & COOL PRIZES. 

Explore the links in this section to learn about growth opportunities available while preparing for the conference. The following are in order by submission deadline.'

Who Can Apply?

All current EAST students can apply, not just those attending the conference.  Anyone from your school can accept an award on their behalf.

Poster Competition

The Poster Competition gives students an opportunity to convey complex concepts on a single poster. Poster specifications are open-ended, to spark creativity. Finalists display their posters in exhibit hall and winning posters are announced at the Opening Plenary on Tuesday, March 2, 2010. Submission deadline January 13, 2010.

Application Showcase Competitions

Application Showcase Competitions are sponsored by business professionals to provide students an opportunity to showcase in-progress EAST projects. Many competition hosts have used past student project examples in marketing and promotional efforts and have recruited students for internships based on their competition submissions. Finalists may be announced prior to the Conference and asked to present their projects to judges on Tuesday, March 2. Winners will be announced during the Opening Plenary on Tuesday, March 2, 2010. Submission deadline January 20, 2010.

Application Showcase Competitions - Finalist Details

Student-Created Music

Student-created music will be featured during the Opening Plenary and Banquet. Although not classified as a competition, this is another chance for students to showcase their creativity and be recognized by an audience of over 2000 people. Submission deadline February 4, 2010.  

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