Documentation Team

The documentation team is an asset to EAST and to conference participants because their coverage is shared as highlights from the event.  The team this year will be mentored and managed by professionals who are anxious to provide guidance, share knowledge and produce high quality documentation of the EAST Conference.

Students on this team will learn a lot and have fun. However, know in advance these positions will require dedication, hard work, and possibly long days to fulfill the goals of the team. 


All team members will be asked to attend a team meeting at the Little Rock EAST Office. The tentative dates for this meeting is February 3-4, 2010. If you are not within driving distance, please apply for the team and we will work around this requirement if you are chosen. Thank you!!

Positions Available

Click on the position to review the role requirements and submission instructions.

Video Editor


Audio Technician

Video Talent


Virtual Reality Producers

Submission Deadline, Wednesday, December 16, 2009.

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