Sponsors & Exhibitors

The EAST® vision is to create an educational environment where students own the skills to escape ordinary expectations and achieve extraordinary things. One way this is accomplished is through the Annual EAST Conference. This three-day event celebrates and challenges EAST students to learn and succeed at the highest levels.

We invite you to be a part of the best of education by sponsoring and participating in this year’s conference.

Sponsors can elect to participate at varying levels and have the opportunity to support and celebrate with over two thousand students and hundreds of facilitators. This is an opportunity to build awareness of your organization with some of the best and brightest prospects in the nation.

Exhibitors have the additional advantage of face-to-face interaction at the heart of the conference. Here in the nexus of creativity and service our students network with each other and interested organizations (schools, businesses, vendors).

Please click the links at left to learn more about how you can be a major part of this year’s event!

Contact Information

Contact our development team for questions regarding the various ways you or your organization can get involved in the EAST Conference.

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