Video Talent

The Video Talent position provides voice-over for video, may appear on-camera, and will produce press releases daily for the conference.

Skills Needed:

  • Excellent communication and writing skills
  • Outgoing and friendly personality
  • Team oriented
  • Experience in front of a camera is a bonus

Responsibilities Include:

  • Communicate with team manager and other team members regularly prior to the Conference. 
  • Attend the mandatory planning meeting at Little Rock EAST office.
  • Create a number of sample scripts before the event to be used on-camera at Conference.
  • Report on various aspects of the Conference according to the team’s plan.
  • Work with the team prior to Conference to plan questions for interviews.
  • Interview various people (students, facilitators, EAST Staff, visitors, vendors, break-out session trainers) attending Conference. Most interviews will be video recorded. 
  • Document information (name, school, age, etc.) of those interviewed.
  • Document quotes from participants suitable for use in EAST promotional items
  • Develop press releases for upload to the Conference website as well as other media outlets.

Submission Instructions

Students applying for the Video Talent position should complete the process below.

  1. Submit an application letter by email to by Wednesday, December 16, 2009 with the following items:
  • Sample press release. Focus can be your EAST Night Out, a project going on in your classroom, your EAST Program as a whole or the EAST Conference. Don’t forget to use the EAST boilerplate information. This may be included with the email submission.
  • Position you are seeking
  • Why you should be considered for the position
  • Years of experience
  • Past experience/roles you have held that would benefit you in the position
  • Phone number with days and times you can be reached
  • Your e-mail address
  • School and facilitator name Facilitator email address 

2. Create two (2) audition videos that express your personality and why you would be a good candidate for the position. 

  • Video 1: Interview a subject. Maximum length 30 seconds.
  • Video 2: Set the stage as an “on location” news report. Maximum length 1 minute.

Videos must be burned to DVD or CD and received at the EAST offices by 5:00 PM on the submission deadline date, to be considered.

Tips for making a DVD that will display your best qualities:

  • The biggest mistake people make is to sit down without any planning and just record what they are thinking. This usually spells certain doom. So think about what you want to talk about, practice it, and run it by some friends. 
  • Be as creative as possible. Creativity doesn’t necessarily mean you have to construct elaborate sets; just that you talk about things that are interesting and different. Tell us a story.
  • Be as entertaining and outgoing as possible. Remember, you are going to be creating a video diary and reporting on what is taking place at this major event to a video camera. We want to make sure you are up to it so speak clearly and eloquently. Try not to stumble or pause too much, smile and come across as a natural.

Technical guidelines to making your video:

  • Do not exceed the maximum time allowed for each video.
  • Pay attention to audio quality and lighting quality. This means that there isn't background noise, and that you can be seen clearly and heard clearly.  Use natural lighting if you can or add lighting if necessary.  All this sounds obvious but it is critical that you accomplish these technical tasks or your tape will be difficult to view.

Mail video to: (Include a copy of the nomination email with your DVD)

Attn: Leadership Team Committee
c/o EAST Initiative
8201 Ranch Boulevard, Suite B1
Little Rock, Arkansas 72223

Completed application packets (student letter and DVD) must be RECEIVED at the EAST office by Wednesday, December 16, 2009.  Submissions received after this date will not be eligible for competition. If delivering in person, the EAST office must have them no later than 5:00 PM, CST.

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