This page is dedicated to share media releases that the organization and EAST schools publish and to share highlights of the upcoming EAST Conference.  Have something to contribute? Email with details. 

2010 Conference Highlights

Click on the link at left to see details on awards that were announced, photographs, and other documentation from the 2010 EAST Conference.

Poster Competition Finalists Announced

Click on the link at left to see posters and their creators! Finalist posters will be on display at conference and the winner will be announced at the Opening Plenary.

Press Releases and Media Coverage

EAST Initiative announces conference keynote speaker. Press release at left.

Conference Documentation Team Announced

Click on link at left.

Press Registration

We request that all members of the press pre-register prior to the Conference. To register, please submit your name, editorial title, publication, address, phone, fax, e-mail and name of the event(s) you wish to attend as press via email to

Contact Information

The pre-registered press list, including contact information, is typically shared with conference exhibitors, speakers, and sponsors. Please let  Melanie Ridlon know if there is any contact information you would not like us to share with participants and your preferred contact method.

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