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At the 2008 EAST Conference, we started a tradition that we hope to continue. The next year’s event dates, location, and theme were announced at the closing session. By providing this information earlier in the year, we can begin the logo competition much earlier and have the design in place before the school year ends. The conference theme and logo are often used during the entire school year in EAST classrooms.

2011 Conference Dates

March 1-3, 2011
Hot Springs Convention Center & Summit Arena

2011 EAST Conference Theme — EAST: Right Click Here

Download 2011 conference logo in jpg format.

Download 2011 conference logo in PDF format.

2000 / 2001 — Catch a Rising Star
2002 — EAST—Expect More, Achieve More...Make A Difference
2003 — The EAST Vision—Catch it, Share it, Live it!
2004 — EAST...Unleashing the Potential
2005 — EAST...Passport to the Future
2006 — Decade of Difference
2007 — Limits Not Included
2008 — Building A Path, Leaving A Trail
2009 — This is...My EAST
2010 — Education is Different Here
2011 — EAST: Right Click Here

2011 Logo Competition Winner & Finalists

The 2011 logo competition has concluded! Ten great finalists were selected and the winner is… Jeffrey Balch of Newport High School! The logo will be used on all conference promotional materials: website, posters, programs and t-shirts. Congratulations, Jeffrey! Download logo in jpg format.    Download logo in PDF format.

Jeffrey Balch, Newport High School


Abby Pruitt, Prairie Grove Middle School


Alex Coleman, Jessieville High School


Esther Ellis, Omaha High School


Ethan Williams, Drew Central High School


Fernando Felix, Farrington High School


Heaven Townsend, Eureka Springs High School


Marina Sweeten, Jessieville High School


Ricardo Solis, Newport High School


Toby Soundara, Dardanelle High School

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